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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: $ 13k / Year
  • Foreign: $ 13k / Year
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 15 4월 2020
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 621pts.
  • Duration:
  • 2 years

    Application deadlines: January 30, 2020 for master’s studies with financial aid; April 15, 2020 for self-financing master’s candidates who require a study visa; August 14, 2020 for self-financing master’s candidates who do not require a study visa

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    MA in Economics / 2 years

    Prepare for researcher and analyst positions in business, government, supranational and non-profit organizations, or continue to a PhD. Learn about the latest issues and methods in standard economics, including economic theory and analysis, and their applications in evaluating, understanding and tackling real-world matters. Students have continued their studies at the doctoral level at CEU and in top PhD programs around the world.

    What you will study

    Year I: Microeconomic Theory; Macroeconomic Theory; Econometrics; Corporate Governance; Labor Economics; Antitrust and Industrial Policy Analysis 

    Year II: Game Theory; Public Economics; Applied Econometrics; History of Economic Thought; Program Evaluation; International Finance; Industrial Organization; Corporate Finance and Banking; Behavioral Economics; International Trade; Financial Economics; The Economics of  Networks; Economic Geography


    • Completed online application form: www.ceu.edu/apply
    • Proof of English proficiency
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • CV
    • Academic records
    • 500-word essay (motivational letter) introducing your research topic and explaining your academic/professional background
    • Online Mathematics exam or general GRE exam. The online Mathematics exam aims to test Candidates on basic calculus, probability theory and linear algebra and is organized by CEU. You can also submit a general GRE score instead. GRE scores are valid for five years.

    Fund your studies

    In pursuit of our mission, we strive to attract world-class graduate talent from all over the world. This is why we offer generous scholarships available to students from any country. Learn more about how to fund your studies at www.ceu.edu/financialaid and economics.ceu.edu.

    Where your degree will take you

    Our students have been hired by employers such as:

    Accenture · Bank of China · BCG · BlackRock · Citi · EPAM · Ericsson · GE · Goldman Sachs · KPMG · IBM · McKinsey & Company · Moody’s · MSCI · MOL Group · Morgan Stanley · Nokia · Procter & Gamble · PwC · Tata · European Bank for Reconstruction and Development · European Central Bank · European Commission · International Monetary Fund · United Nations Development Fund · United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees · World Bank

    Study in Vienna

    Apply now and be among the first to study at our new campus in Vienna! Did you know that the Austrian capital has been ranked as the world's “most livable city” for ten years in a row? Find out more about CEU in Vienna at www.ceu.edu/vienna.

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