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  • 2 years

    One of the most rapidly growing research fields today is the modelling of life processes in plants, animals, humans and ecosystems using methods from mathematically oriented sciences such as mathematics, physics, computer science and statistics. In this programme you learn how such models are constructed and used to improve the interpretation of experimental data.

    The topics you can choose for your thesis originate from active experimental and theoretical research activities at UMB, for example:
    1) how molecules carrying our genetic information cooperate within cells to give an organism its specific characteristics,
    2) how single cells function and how groups of cells cooperate, and
    3) how complex natural patterns such as the tree structure of roots and sedimentation processes are generated and influenced by the environment.

    The methods you will use include a variety of mathematical techniques such as:
    1) detailed mathematical analysis of simplified models,
    2) statistical modelling based on experimental data,
    3) computer intensive simulations of extensive and biologically realistic models and
    4) algorithmetic modelling based on modern statistical physics.


    ??? Candidates should have academic qualifications at the B.Sc. level, totalling 180 credit points. Your B.Sc. must include at least 80 credit points in one of the following subjects: mathematics, physics, computer science or statistics. Generally however, 50 additional credit points within these four subjects are required.??? Your major at the B.Sc. level can, in some cases, limit your choice of specialization in your Master programme. Applicants must meet the university's requirement for English language proficiency.
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