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    Technologies for digital photo and video, web and mobile applications, and computer games play an important role in today's and tomorrow's world. A master's degree in Applied Computer Science (former Master in Media Technology) at Gjøvik University College will give you a solid basis for becoming a professional application developer in this rapidly changing world of modern communication.

    Brief outline

    Master in Applied Computer Science will provide you the knowledge and the skills necessary for mastering key technologies used to develop web applications, mobile apps, and computer games. You will gain experience in developing applications, tools, and systems to be used in the digital world. The rapid development in digital technology constantly creates new and challenging problems. In this study, you will gain scientific and analytical skills that will help you in solving such problems. Furthermore, the study allows you to specialise in one of the major areas of study and to acquire advanced knowledge in your area of specialisation.

    The programme has two tracks:

    Media Computing

    Language of instruction is English.

    Major areas of study

    Web applications and technologies
    Mobile application development
    Game technologies
    Colour imaging
    Audio and video signal processing

    The Laboratories

    All students have access to up-to-date media and research laboratories for working with images, sound and video.
    The Norwegian Color Research Laboratory, consisting of professors, scientists and research students, provides a rich environment with outstanding international expertise in colour imaging
    The Media Technology Laboratory's faculty, researchers, and students offer courses and research opportunities in all areas crucial for design and communication using media techology.

    Job prospects
    Graduates will be qualified to work in any enterprise that uses digital media tools and systems, also to apply for PhD in Computer Science.


    To qualify for admission to the MSc in Media Technology, applicants must have Bachelor's degree consisting of at least three years of university studies, documented knowledge in mathematics equivalent to at least 9 ECTS and knowledge of computing/computer science equivalent to at least 60 ECTS
    No tuition fee
    Nokut certification
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