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    Rapid developments of medical technology and new kinds of conceptual thinking within the field of biology have increased the need for laboratory specialisation. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology offers an International MSc programme in molecular medicine tailored to meet this demand.

    The field of molecular medicine is often referred to as "tomorrow's medicine". It aims to provide a molecular understanding of how normal cellular processes change, fail or are destroyed by disease.

    The mapping of the human genome in 2003 was a turning point, and our knowledge and understanding of molecules in living organisms are advancing at a fast rate. Modern technologies such as high-throughput analyses (microarray and proteomics) enable us to study thousands of genes and proteins simultaneously. This provides the foundation for a totally new understanding of biological systems and generates fresh hypotheses about the importance of genes and proteins to different diseases.

    The purpose of the MSc programme is to develop knowledge and skills in cellular and molecular biology. These have applications in both research and practical clinical work, and will contribute to an increased understanding of processes, diagnostics and treatment of diseases.


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