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    australian:semester 1 - february 28 ;semester 2 - july 20 of the year of 1 - november 30;semester 2 - may 31 of the year of commencement.

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    This program allows students with some experience in magnetic resonance to acquire advanced knowledge. Students are trained in new techniques which are not yet part of standard clinical practice. Students will be in a position to embark on projects that make innovative use of magnetic resonance; to assess the impact of such innovation on the clinical utility of the modality; and to assess the needs of a radiography practice, and the ability of equipment from various manufacturers to meet these needs. The program consists of core courses, electives and a research component.

    For students studying via flexible delivery, access to a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner is required for the research component of this award.

    Part A

    Course Code Units Course Title

    * MRES7001 2 Classical Theory of Magnetic Resonance
    * MRES7002 2 Magnetic Resonance Instrumentation
    * MRES7003 2 MR Safety & Monitoring
    * MRES7004 2 Standard Imaging Sequences, Image Reconstruction, Applications
    * MRES7100 2 Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Fundamentals Part B Course Code Units Course Title
    * ACCT7101 2 Accounting MGTS7601 2 Managing Organisational Behaviour
    * MGTS7603 2 Strategic Human Resource Management MRES7005 2 Fast Imaging Techniques
    * MRES7006 2 Vascular Imaging MRES7007 2 Diffusion & Perfusion Imaging
    * MRES7008 2 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    * MRES7009 2 MagneticResonance Spectroscopy & Applications
    * MRES7010 2 Minor Project
    * MRES7013 2 Fundamental MRI of the Brain & Spine
    * MRES7014 2 Fundamental Musculoskeletal
    * MRI MRES7016 2 Cardiac MRI - Techniques and Applications
    * MRES7017 2 Breast
    * MRI MRES7023 2 Medical Image Processing and Analysis
    * MRES7024 2 Advanced Techniques in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Part C Course Code Units Course Title
    * MRES7015 4 Independent Clinical MRI Project MRES7018 6 Advanced Research Project [1]
    * MRES7019 6 Advanced Research Project [2]
    * MRES7020 6 Advanced Research Project [3]
    * MRES7021 6 Advanced Research Project [4]
    * MRES7022 6 Advanced Research Project [5]End notes

    [1] Code for students completing the course in one semester.
    [2] Code for student in year courses commencing in sem 1. Students must re-enrol in the same code in sem 2.
    [3] Code for student in year courses commencing in sem 2. Students must re-enrol in the same code in sem 1 the following year.
    [4] This course is offered over two semesters, commencing in semester 2 and concluding in summer semester. Students must re-enrol in the same code in summer semester.
    [5] This course is offered over two semesters, commencing in summer and concluding in semester 1.

    Australia requirements for international students

    In Australia each institution has its own application procedures and admission requirements so il would be better to contact your chosen university for an application form. To study here you'll need to apply for both admission to an institution and also for a student visa from the Australian Government so it's necessery to carefully check student visa information on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

    Entry requirements can include: the academic requirements, evidence of funds to support your study and overseas student health cover. The academic requirements you need to study in Australia depend on the level of education you want to study. Indeed, in some cases, you may need to present your results of an English language test. 

    You can choose up to six courses in your application. Each university you've applied to consider your application separately. This means that you may receive an offer from each course that you include in your application. 


    Bachelor degree in mathematics; physics; chemistry; biology; medical imaging; medical radiation; radiography; allied health; biomedical engineering; computer science or an approved discipline. Applications on the basis of post-secondary study and two years work experience in a related field will be individually assessed.English ProficiencyIELTS overall 6.5; writing 6, reading 6, speaking 6, and listening 6 (or comparable English language proficiency as per University policy) English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5
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