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    The Doctor of Philosophy program is designed to prepare each student to take an active part in the development and growth of the field of chemical engineering at all levels in industry and research organizations or in research and teaching in a university. To qualify for the Ph.D. program, a student must demonstrate competence in graduate course work and pass a written qualifying examination. Most students who qualify are eligible to proceed directly to the Ph.D. program without writing an M.S. thesis. Beginning with the second or third semester, each student, as part of the degree requirement occasionally assists in the instructional activities of the department. The current periodicity is one semester every other year. Advanced students have the opportunity to participate directly in the planning and presentation of undergraduate courses that are related to their thesis work. In addition, those considering the possibility of an academic career may elect to serve as a classroom instructor during the later phases of Ph.D. study.

    Each student selects a major professor and an advisory committee to assist him or her in planning a program of course work and thesis research. Thirty hours of graduate course work (including those for the M.S.) are required for the Ph.D. degree. The thesis research should be original work that contributes significantly to new knowledge. Major research work is preceded by an oral preliminary examination, at which the student presents to the advisory committee a plan for research and demonstrates proficiency in the theory and experimental methods needed for its completion. The final Ph.D. examination is defense of the thesis.

    • CHE 52500     Biochemical Engineering
    • CHE 53600     Particulate Systems
    • CHE 53800     Particle Design
    • CHE 54000     Transport Penomena
    • CHE 54300     Polym Reaction Engr & Reactor Analy
    • CHE 54400     Struct & Behav of Polymer Sys
    • CHE 55000     Optimization in ChE
    • CHE 55100     Pharmaceutical Engineering
    • CHE 55300     Pharm Proc Dev and Des
    • CHE 55500     Computer Integ Proc Oper
    • CHE 55700     Intell Sys in Process Engr
    • CHE 55800     Rate Control Sep Process
    • CHE 59700     Crystallization Systems in Engr
    • CHE 59700     Industial Catalytic Processes
    • CHE 59700     Industrial Chemical Technology
    • CHE 59700     Org Elec Materials and Devices
    • CHE 59700     Process Synthesis
    • CHE 59700     System Analysis of Energy Prod/ Energy Systems
    • CHE 59700A   Risk Mgmt. Proc. Develop
    • CHE 59700B   Battery Systems Lab
    • CHE 59700C   Intro to Energy Stor Sys
    • CHE 59700M   Engr Appl of Biol Molec
    • CHE 59700N   Intro to Nanoscale
    • CHE 59700Q   Intr. Quantum Cntrl Engr
    • CHE 59700S   Advanced Solar Conversion
    • CHE 59700T   Princ of Tissue Engr
    • CHE 61100     Molecular Thermodynamics
    • CHE 62100     Adv Transport Phenom II
    • CHE 63200     Linear Op Methods in ChE
    • CHE 63300     Probabilistic Meth in ChE
    • CHE 64500     Polymer Rheology
    • CHE 65600     Adv. Process Control
    • CHE 66200     Catalysis
    • CHE 66600     Methods in Catalysis
    • CHE 66800     Colloidal & Interfacial Phen
    • CHE 69700     Advanced Modeling for Catalysis Studies
    • CHE 69700     Approaches to ChE Research
    • CHE 69700     Crystallization Systems in Engr
    • CHE 69700     Safety in ChE
    • CHE 69700B  Finite Element Analysis in ChE
    • CHE 69700K  Intro To Molec Sim and Mod
    • CHE 69700M Elect Struc Thry and Mdle Chem Proc
    • CHE 69700P  Protein Engineering
    • CHE 69700T  ChE Teaching Experience
    • CHE 69700X  Statistical Methods in ChE
    • CHE 69700Y  Metabolic Engineering

    USA requirements for international students

    Each university in the Unites States of America sets its own admission standards so there isn't the same criteria for all the students and the university can decide which applicants meet those standards. The fee for each application is between $35 to $100. 

    After the selections of the universities you want to attend, the best of all would be to contact each university for an application form and more admission information for the international students. Moreover, for a graduate or postgraduate program it's necessary to verify the admission requirements. Some programs require that you send your application directly to their department. 

    Admissions decisions are based on students's academic record and different test scores, such as TOEFL, the SAT or ACT (for undergraduate programs) and GRE or GMAT (for graduate programs). Admission decision is based on your academic results and motivation.


    • References: Identify three references. You will need their email address and contact information. They will submit their recommendations on-line, and then the letters will be uploaded directly to your application.
    • GRE Scores: Report your GRE test scores through the ‘Test Scores’ link in your application, and request ETS submit your GRE scores to the Graduate School using institutional code 1631.
    • TOEFL Scores: If you are an international student whose native language is not English, you must submit your TOEFL scores through the ‘Test Scores’ link in your application. Also, request ETS submit your TOEFL scores to the Graduate School using institutional code 1631. Please note that Chemical Engineering does not waive this requirement for PhD applicants.
    • Statement of Purpose: Carefully prepare a statement of purpose that clearly outlines your goals and interests in Chemical Engineering.
    • GPA & Class Ranking: Report undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate GPA(s) and class ranking(s) in your application through the ‘Education Background’ link.
    • Transcripts: Upload a PDF copy of all transcripts from all institutions you have attended. Internationalapplicants should include original language and English translations of their transcripts. These documents should be uploaded to your application through the ‘Education Background’ link. Official transcripts will only be required upon admission.
    • Diversity Essay: All applicants are required to submit a diversity essay, as certain fellowships will be awarded based solely on the Diversity Essay.
    • Resume: The School of Chemical Engineering does not require a resume be submitted with your application. However, if there is additional information you would like the admissions committee to consider, you are welcome to submit a resume.
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