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    6 year curriculum leading to the Master degree MUDr. - "Medicinae Universae Doctor" = Doctor of General Medicine

    The First Faculty of Medicine has been a part of Charles University since its foundation in 1348 and is the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe. The basic purpose of the faculty is to train medical doctors in such a way as to provide them with a broad general medical education, and a thorough theoretical basis, so that they are able to think and communicate scientifically and medically, and offer basic medical care.

    The curriculum is finished with the degree MUDr. – “Medicinae Universae Doctor” (M.D.) = Doctor of General Medicine or MDDr. = Doctor of Dental Medicine. The degrees are fully recognized in EU and in most of the other countries. Both medical programmes are based on regular full-time studies and have a structure of traditional courses, which means that teaching includes both theoretical and practical/clinical trainings. Graduates of the General Medicine programme are ready to pursue career in various fields of medicine as well as the Dental Medicine graduates are ready to work in dental medicine and associated fields.

    1st year

    Compulsory Subject


    Anatomy 1, 2


    Anatomy Dissections 1, 2




    Biology and Genetics 1


    Histology and General Embryology 1,2


    First Aid, Meeting with the Clinicians


    Physical Education 1, 2


    Basic Medical Terminology 1, 2


    Medical Informatics


    Czech for English Parallel 1,2


    2nd year

    Compulsory Subject:


    Biology and Genetics 2


    Physiology 1,2


    Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry 1,2


    Microbiology 1


    Basic Immunology


    Patient Care


    Summer Clerkship - Patient Care


    Physical Education 3,4


    Czech for English Parallel 3,4


    Intensive Czech Course


    3rd year

    Compulsory Subject:


    Pharmacology 1


    Integrated Block: Microbiology/Pathology


    Propaedeutics in Internal Medicine


    Propaedeutics in Surgery


    Bioethics 1


    Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy 1,2


    Microbiology 2


    Pathophysiology 1,2


    Pathology 1,2


    Czech for English Parallel 5,6


    Compulsory Eligible subjects



    Pathobiochemistry 1 - Inherited Metabolic Disorders


    Pathobiochemistry 2 – Molecular Oncology


    Pathobiochemistry 3 - Biochemical Disorders


    4th year

    Compulsory Subject:




    Surgery – Clinic

    Orthopaedic Surgery

    Nuclear Medicine


    Forensic Medicine

    Medical Immunology

    Clinical Genetics

    Primary Care 1

    Internal Medicine - Geriatrics

    Pharmacology 2


    Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy 3

    Bioethics 2

    Clinical topographic anatomy

    Infectious Diseases

    Hygiene and Epidemiology

    – Clerkship before SE

    Hygiene and Epidemiology - SE

    Occupational Diseases and Toxicology

    Summer Clerkship - Surgery

    5th year

    Compulsory Subject:

    Gynaecology and Obstetrics 






    Internal Medicine - Cardiology

    Internal Medicine - Nephrology

    Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology

    Internal Medicine - Endocrinology and Metabolism

    Internal Medicine - Tuberculosis and Pulmonary Diseases

    Internal Medicine - Rheumatology

    Internal Medicine - Haematology

    Internal Medicine - Exam

    Summer Clerkship: Internal Medicine

    Summer Clerkship: Gynaecology and Obstetrics 

    6th year


    Compulsory Subject:

    Anaesteziology and Emergency Medicine


    Clinical Biochemistry

    Primary Care 2

    Minimum of Practical Skills

    Gynaecology and Obstetrics – Clerkship before SE

    Gynaecology and Obstetrics - SE

    Surgery – Clerkship before SE

    Surgery - SE

    Internal Medicine - Clerkship before SE

    Internal Medicine - SE

    Paediatrics – Clerkship before SE

    Paediatrics - SE

    Public Health Services and Medical Law - Clerkship before SE

    Public Health Services and Medical Law - SE


    Diploma requirements

    • US education system

    Student must have college degree to be allowed to apply.

    • A-level system

    First Faculty of Medicine requires for admission completion of at least three Advanced (A) Level subjects in the same academic year. Students have to have Advanced (A) Level subjects Biology and Chemistry + any other (A) level subject. Biology and Chemistry Advanced (A) Level subjects must have grade C or better. Two AS subjects are not deemed to be equivalent to one 'Advanced Level' subject. AS level subjects - one of them should be Math or Physics, the other one is not set (could be any).)

    • IB system

    There are no special requirements

    • Abitur

    There are no special requirements

    • 高考

    There are no special requirements


    Students are selected on the basis of an entrance examination. ENTRANCE EXAM IS COMPULSORY FOR EVERYONE. It is necessary to:

    • Fill in electronic application form or contact one of our representatives to help you with electronic application form on time and send PDF application for entrance exam in Prague by e-mail to (or to the representatives e-mail if you don't do the entrance exam in Prague) and pay 590 CZK for application registration. Without payment the applicant won't be allowed to attend the entrance exam.
    • Successfully pass the entrance exam.
    • Provide an evidence of completed secondary education legalized and translated to the Czech language (according Article 48 subsection (4) inset (d) of the Act # 111/1998 coll., The higher education act), pay your tuition fee, confirm your attendance on enrollment in Faculty database
    • Come to the 1st year enrollment and sign the contract about studies with the Faculty
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