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    This study program can be concentrated within a single calendar year. It is intended for educators in formal and informal frameworks who are interested in the social sciences, educational philosophy, and Jewish Studies and in exploring questions of culture and identity in educational programs.

    Courses in the specialization in Jewish Education are intended to familiarize students with research in Jewish Education and to enable the clarification of the goals, methods, and challenges involved in transmitting Jewish culture and teaching Jewish subjects in Israel and the Diaspora.

    This specialization provides students with the possibility for advancement in various areas of Jewish education as well as the possibility to continue in a research track. Alumni of the program can continue to central positions in educational systems in Israel and the Diaspora where they develop study plans, manage Jewish educational programs, and serve as heads of experimental school programs. Outstanding students in the program may continue toward a Ph.D. through research at the Melton Centre.

    The study program is personal and combines courses that fulfill the requirements of the specialization with studies that are tailored to the needs and interests of the individual student. When the personal study plan justifies it, it is possible to include courses taught in the School of Education, the Institute of Contemporary Jewry, the Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies in the Faculty of Humanities, and in other departments of the Hebrew University.

    The study program concentrates on the following areas:

    • Social Sciences, Jewish Identity, and Informal Education.
    • Philosophy of Jewish Education.
    • Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry.
    • Curriculum and Programming with Jewish content.

    In addition to the formal program, students are invited to participate in the Melton Centre’s wide variety of events and programs, including seminars, forums, and conferences, as well as personally interacting with members of the Melton faculty.

    The length of the Master’s Program in Jewish Education is determined by the individual student. The study program is based on the student’s choice of studying for one or for two years, depending on whether the student studies for two days a week or one. Studies are conducted in two tracks: Track B (the non-research track) and Track A (the research track).

    Transferring into the research track depends on the following criteria:

    • An average of 85 or above in 20 credits of the degree.
    • A seminar paper with a grade of 85 or above.

    Students must fill out a request form for transfer to the research track and must plan their year of study accordingly.


    In order to be accepted to the Master’s program, prospective students must have completed their B.A. with an average grade of 80 or above and must have an exemption from English as a Foreign Language.

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