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  • Local: $ 4.63k
  • Foreign: $ 7.64k
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
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  • 1751pts.
  • Duration:
  • 4 years

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    The leading universities in Latvia – Riga Technical University (RTU) and the University of Latvia (LU), in cooperation with the State University of New York University at Buffalo (USA) have launched a new interdisciplinary program of excellence in IT which will be implemented by RTU Riga Business School (RBS).

    Through the Computer Science and Organizational Technologies or Baltic IT Leadership program you will receive an international bachelor’s level education in Riga. Upon graduation, you will be a leader who has developed critical and analytical thinking skills, who can make decisions, manage a team, analyze situations, tackle problems, implement creative technology projects, and deal with routine work.

    The program includes mathematics, computer science and communication, financial, management, natural science courses, and general education courses such as psychology, international business, international commercial legislation, and general art. General courses will provide students with a broader perspective and wider view of IT processes, and will develop the soft skills needed to be able to work successfully and manage teams, as well as cooperate with specialists from other areas. Students will be able to choose other social science courses as well.

    In the first two years of the study program, you will gain a comprehensive theoretical base. In the third year, you will have to choose your specialization.

    Two computer science specializations:

    • Artificial intelligence and data representation
    • Algorithms and computer security

    Two business administration specializations:

    • Finance
    • General management


    The Riga Business School (RBS) admission process follows the traditions of leading American universities. We assess both the intellectual and personal capabilities of every candidate. To do this, we calculate the Riga Business School Admission Score: Mathematics (30%) + English Proficiency (30%) + Interview (40%) = 1 to 100 Points.

    • Knowledge of Mathematics (results of centralized exam)
    • English Proficiency (if English is not your native language)
      Candidates can submit TOEFL ITP® (at least 523), TOEFL iBT® (at least 70) or IELTS (at least 6,0). Candidates should prove they have an adequate level of English, as all courses at RBS are taught in English and we have students and professors who do not speak the domestic language. The closest TOEFL iBT® test is on June 14.
    • Interview with the RBS Admission commission.

    Increasingly, employers highlight the lack of staff with comprehensive knowledge and expertise capable of managing companies and teams at different levels, covering various sectors, in order to ensure sustainable development and growth. The program aims to prepare highly qualified computer science leaders who will be able to provide significant added value to every organization by using technology.

    In general, the program will promote the attractiveness of computer science, as future occupations, and will increase the number of high-level computer science graduates, and will prepare IT graduates with comprehensive knowledge. Thus, the program will educate the employees whom employers are searched for.>

    This program is designed to provide you with basic knowledge of computer science and the specialization you choose, and to develop practical and social skills such as leadership, design, and business thinking.

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